SURVIVOR P.S.A. #metoo

Dear Women of the world~


It is unfortunate that police lacking accountability and corruption contributes to the violence against women and the police themselves are often the mechanism for violence against women. Police will often create the circumstances in which you need rescue by performing thoughtless and dangerous tactics. Dangerous tactics similar to the young lady they rescued from a male kidnapper by shooting her in the head. Dangerous police tactics can also including the very simple yet highly patriarchal trait of -Failure to listen and respond appropriately to facts provided by a woman because as a woman they deem your eyesight less credible than their blind errors. This obtuse police behavior can lead to failure to best provide for your safety based your gender.  After their thoughtless and dangerous procedure endangers you. They will then often over shoot your unnecessary rescue nearly murder your entire family in their one sided gun fight and then cowardly blame what they consider you natural womanly trait of hysteria for their homicidal tactical errors.

If you don’t like these killer police manufactured highly patriarchal rescue services they will be angry at you and send snitches and phoney activists and more corrupted cops to make parasitic bad media on your back. They will post poorly written DA reports to lie about you, gaslighters to gaslight you, violent assaulters to assault you, rapists that will rape you, stalkers to stalk you, thieves that will rob you, fake rumors that will fake rumor you. And shitty cops reporters named Shoshana Walter the Cyber Terrorists to destroy the small joy you have recovered after surviving the original police manufactured and then botched rescue.

And don’t even think of making a rape report, they have a 10 year backlog of responding to the rape of women and they literally have police in the department destroying the evidence.

The politicians will ignore your pleas for justice and you will bounce from department to department with no relief for your injuries and the system failures.

Despite my sarcastic tone and these horrific real experiences- This is happening to innocent women and we really want you to know~

This is a women’s rights issue!

How do we protect ourselves in the face of Patriarchal Violence in the absence of political and community accountability plus the lack of an effective police force?


#Metoo #PublicSafety #WomensRights #HumanRights


Beware = save yourself and your family the effects of cruel and failed Police interventions by building systems in 2018 that provide women the safety we need and deserve.