DA Nancy O’Malley Dishonest in the Swanson Report, Lacks Credibility

Police Department and Elected District Attorney  are lacking in credibility! Innocent victims of crime demand justice!

Nancy OMalley was horribly dishonest in her testimony in the Swanson Report, claiming she has had no knowledge of police criminal conduct. She has been lying about the criminal conduct of Oakland Police for years, her failure to do the due diligence legally required of her office is the reason why the police have been allowed to become rogue. Nancy wants to pretend to not see, pretend to not know, but when directly notified of OPD criminal conduct she blocks the whistle blower from contacting her office instead of responding with a professional investigation. Nancy OMalley lacks credibility, lacks professional ethics, and for decades Nancy OMalley has betrayed the public trust. Nancy has encouraged OPD to fall into such a dismal state by neglecting the obligations of her office to prosecute all crime including those bad apples in the police department. Nancy should be recalled immediately for the newly revitalized Oakland to rebuild a working city. We deserve a better more sustainable system of justice, dare we dream of a functional city government and police department. We need to rid ourselves of the fat useless bureaucrats that have grown obese on our taxpayer dime. Together we can build a great Oakland if we clean out the old bloated political cows and wasteful dusty clutter that is stopping human progress.

See more about the fight of innocent victims of crime to have our names cleared by clicking here NANCY O’MALLEY In Violation of Marsy’s Law Failing to Protect Crime Victim Rights.



We are innocent crime victims who were attacked in our own homes only to be attacked again by the corrupted DA. We demand our Constitutional Rights!!! Make a complaint about the dismal state of Oakland Justice by contacting the Department of Justice and making a complaint by clicking here ACTION ITEMS PETITIONS AND COMPLAINTS

And the most essential question that every innocent victim of crime should be asking themselves before calling police; Can you afford to be a victim of crime and have those reports of your victimization following you in a public record for your entire life? Innocent people who do not want their lives ruined by the corrupted city of Oakland judicial system have no options but to engage in self rescue, self defense, and self care at all times, there are no safe saviors  and the politicians don’t care about our human rights.

The innocent people of Oakland will no longer be held hostage to the criminality of city government, we will no longer be pawns to promote their careers while they are providing ineffective, and intentionally harmful services to the human beings who pay them.

Felons have a process to have their records expunged why don’t innocent victims of crime have that same ability? See more by clicking here FELONS HAVE A PROCESS TO CLEAR THEIR NAMES, BUT WHY DON’T INNOCENT VICTIMS OF CRIME HAVE THAT SAME ABILITY?

The voters should no longer allow these types of transgressions to grow and fester in the Oakland Judicial System, it erodes public trust and keeps the city from functioning. We need to get better people in these jobs. These elected officials who do not operate with integrity have destroyed the spirit of our vibrant and loving community.

Nancy OMalley District Attorney jurisprudence services are injurious and the justice is unjust. Innocent victims of crime and corruption demand improvements!

Recall DA Nancy OMalley  By clicking here RECALL NANCY O’MALLEY