The DA John Creighton was publishing falsified Homicide reports containing falsified victim witness statements to google searches of innocent crime victims essentially giving these innocent victims defacto criminal records with pages upon pages of convoluted and invented police records. These reports were discovered when threatening strangers began contacting innocent victims at their homes. John was found to be posting falsified homicide reports to google searches. John committed these crimes against these innocent people because he was found to have ulterior motives to tamper with homicide cases, he should have been charged as a criminal but instead John was forced to retire. John was forcefully retired due to his attacks on these innocent victims of crime and his intentional falsifying of homicide records that he was using to smear these innocent victims of crime in online searches. John was acting as a black hat cyber terrorist against innocent people. John was very angry at me for having complained about his criminal conduct demanding the constitutional rights afforded me by the Law. John Creighton (pronounced cretin) acted in retaliation against innocent people for having told the truth. John is a perfect example of the dirty dealings that have lead to years of lawsuits, disparaged the potential fact finding efforts of the Oakland city judicial system. John further examples his lack of professional conduct when he sent me a nasty email which I am posting here. Please note Johns sensitivity to victims of crime well being and attempts at gaslighting me because John is bitter that he lost his job. I feel very happy John will not be in the DA office to hurt any more women or taint any future homicide cases with this criminal lack of ethics.

I had gladly moved on with my life until John intentionally harmed my recovery. His actions caused a creep to begin contacting me and threatening my family directly from the false reports John was publishing. John ruined the life I had worked 5 years rebuilding by releasing the Cyber Terrorism Against Innocent Victims of Crime Disinformation Campaign into online searches targeting my small Art business after I barely survived a homicide. No innocent victim of crime should have their lives, good names, and small business economy destroyed intentionally by these kinds of malicious acts of terrorism by people like former District Attorney John Creighton. Honest citizens and taxpayers employ these officials to uphold the law and not to be abusive offenders against the innocent.

Mar 25 (1 day ago)


“I was forced to retired from the DA’s office effective March 10th so there is no reason for you to continue sending me your poorly written diatribes about an event that occurred more than six years ago; an event that very likely saved your life. I suggest you get some professional help for your mental illness so that you can move past this event and get on with your life.Creighton, John, DA”

I am very proud that my poorly written diatribes caused his career to end @ Poorly written diatribes that end corrupted DA careers and protect innocent women of Oakland,¬† by the Artist formerly known as “_____________.”

Let them know I would be happy to “get on with my life” if they would end the Terrorism + Cyber Terrorism Disinformation Campaign . Clear my good name, stop the harassment and danger to my family.¬† Leave Me Alone to “Get On With My Life!” Innocent people shouldn’t have to fight this kind of blatant corruption when these paid officials have enough to do at their real job which would be protecting, serving, upholding the Constitution and not terrorizing innocent people.


(John) Creighton/ pronounced Cretin Creighton Definition / pronounced Cretin see also

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Please see Marsy’s Law that actually prohibits the exact actions of John Creighton by clicking here