shoshana profile picThis karmawon site was created  to address the harm being done to innocent victims of crime by the release of these homicide reports by the DA office and mystery cyber terrorist. The DA was falsifying the reports, but who was maliciously posting the false homicide reports to the web and tagging them to the crime victims names in google searches? I was not aware of the District attorney had even made all this sensitive crime victim information public and was provided no notice of the potential for my safety to be intentionally compromised in this political horror story. The links were sent to me by a threatening stranger on the internet making aggressive sexual comments and stated he was watching me through the window and claiming to be a police officer and telling me to hang myself. I reported this dangerous person to the DA office, they mocked and laughed at me instead of protecting me.

I was on my own.  I researched the anonymous links and discovered Shoshana Walter cyber terrorist behind the postings and the DA John Creighton was involved in intentionally endangering these innocent people including myself.

Shoshana did not want to be found, and I suspect the DA did not want her to be found either since they refuse to file the appropriate crime victim harassment charges against her.  I consider finding the source and the story behind this horrifically abusive cyber disinformation campaign a huge victory for innocent people.

We should bask in the glow of this accomplishment by the brilliant and beautiful karmawon outing this secret cyber terrorist and the now retired corrupted DA who wanted to hurt innocent people from these secret accounts.

Now the work of making sure everyone knows this horrific cyber terrorism tactic is being used against innocent victims of crime. This is pure systemic  unwarranted aggression upon innocent victims and injured people. This is a human rights violation and a Constitutional rights violation.

This site since expanded it to include key important aspects of the survivor journey as it examples the horrific state of powerless voiceless human rights abuses that we have endured without any fairness or justness being bestowed upon us. Please take a moment to browse the links below and see what we have done to protect ourselves from this abusive targeted cyber terrorism.


And please take a moment to boycott her day job when she is not cyber attacking innocent elderly women- BOYCOTT LINKS FROM “REVEAL NEWS”