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Shoshana Walter with MALICE posted to the public web falsified officer involved homicide reports prepared by the former Rider Officer Gantt* cyber targeting innocent people who made statements that contradicted police account of police shootings.

Officer Gantt was already fired once for evidence tampering in a rape case and federally indicted in the “Riders” case then secretly rehired to work Officer Involved Shootings by  OPD . “Riders” officer Gantt is currently represented by alleged civil rights attorney Dan Seigal who founded the paid activist group named Police Anti Terror Project.

In this latest crime against public trust “Rider” Officer Gantt* and associated either knowingly or otherwise colluded with  DA John Creighton and self described “cops” reporter Shoshana Walter to release these falsified manufactured statements, falsified witness quotes, falsified fact patterns and falsified homicide reports from secret cloud accounts owned by Shoshana Walter and tag innocent victims and witnesses names online. The falsified reports were given to Shoshana by DA Creighton with knowledge the reports had been produced by formerly indicted”Rider” Gantt and with the express intent to be posted from Shoshana’s secret cloud account to target innocent victims and witnesses online professional searches. Creating the erroneous image of these innocent victims and innocent witnesses as if they have a police record when in fact they are victims of violence and innocent witnesses to police killings.

These victims and witnesses have made statements that unknowingly contradicted the official police version of events.

This is retaliation and further harm by a guilty and corrupted DA, police and politicians to aggress already injured 100% innocent people that miraculously survived police bullets and deserve to live in peace and not be continually harassed. The Oakland cesspool of smarmy government and police corruption colluded with Shoshana to hurt these people because they have ongoing fear of these innocent unarmed people.

The Shoshana Walter secret cloud accounts were discovered by intense independent investigation. The finding of Shoshana was not expected by these parties and they are not happy she is now known, they wanted her participation to remain secret but she is now outed. Shoshana posted false homicide data but contained within the false homicide reports they intentionally endangered innocent people by releasing full names and addresses of elderly victims and witnesses inciting malicious attacks on these innocent people and threats. These false reports are intentionally polluting the online job search and housing search reputations of innocent people.

Typical Oakland city government cesspool making efforts to ruin the lives of innocent victims to advance their careers. Politicians such as Dan Kalb while intentionally ignoring the injury to the innocent victims of police violence with one hand and pushing his “plan” for police accountability. Dan has with knowledge of the problem chosen to ignore the pleas of victims for relief from this official cyber terrorism in favor of his personal career and political advancing of his personal political power.

Survivors of police shooting currently being abused by the exact same people pretending they are the solution.  Despite the official false claims of the city to desire fair and just policing they are going the opposite direction in destroying evidence and rewriting facts. Then going further in harming the innocent victims  by refusing to even notify these human beings they may be in danger by the release of the malicious reports.  DA John Creighton the author of the erroneous reports has failed in his obligations to the public. John failed in ethics and failed to protect these innocent people by providing basic notice that their previously private names and addresses had been with malice re-designated as public and posted on Google.  At the time of this  post we have yet to hear one word from the Mayor.

These are innocent people who suffer with the trauma of witnessing death, some of whom were injured when forced into the direct line of police bullets. These innocent people who did their civic duty to protect the community from having to endure this kind of endangering conduct are now without representation or the proper legal protections from this failing Oakland government. Despite their repeated false claims of desiring fair and just policing they are intentionally denying that fairness and that justness from innocent victims.

~You may make a complaint against Shoshana at – Society of Professional Journalists

You may also make a complaint against Shoshana Walter for cyber terrorism by clicking here REPORT SHOSHANA TO THE IC3 FOR HARASSING VICTIMS OF CRIME

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*Officer Gantt is a former Rider working with Shoshana and the DA John Creighton to intimidate victims/witnesses.

*This terrible abuse of power begs the question? Do victims of crime and witnesses to police killings deserve a digital privacy policy so they can participate in their judicial system without vindictive officers of the courts colluding to harm their legal rights in retaliation for having done their civic duty? And what are the obligations of the state when officers abuse their power to intentionally harm the online digital life of innocent people just so they can advance their political power grab and career goals?

This entire karmawon site was created  to address the harm being done to innocent witnesses by the DA the Police and Shoshana Walter the “cops reporter.” After I asked her to remove the malicious links and she refused claiming the DA allows her to do this. I complained to the DA and they said the police allow them to do this. I complained to the Police and they say the DA is to blame and the circle starts again. I built this site. I did not know her or anything about these malicious conspiracy until I found her behind the links.   I had no interest in her or any of this political horror story prior to this conspiracy and her aggression to innocent witnesses and injured people. I had moved on with my life and put these tragedies behind me. This site since expanded it to include key important aspects of the survivor journey as it examples the horrific state of powerless voiceless human rights abuses that we have endured without any fairness or justness being bestowed upon us.

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