The lawyers who sue Oakland Police Cases

There are very limited choices for lawyers to sue for police wrongdoing. One of the most prolific is John Burris, he seems to represent almost all the victims and families.

See more details about Jim Chanin who sits on the CPRB board in The Oakland Community Police Review Board / CPRB MISMANAGEMENT step by step.

Third lawyer with a plan is Dan Seigal who runs the paid activist group Police Anti Terror and is seeking the mayors seat while recalling Libby Shaaf.  At one point Dan used to be called a civil rights attorney by many but whispers now circulate as to his switching to a police lawyer because he is currently representing the “*Riders” police who were previously federally indicted and inspired the current Federal Monitor/oversight.  See more at SHOSHANA WALTER IN BED WITH OAKLAND POLICE “RIDERS” OFFICER TO INTIMIDATE WITNESSES TO POLICE KILLINGS

There are other lawyers for consideration if you have been injured by police or city agents, but these three have been prolific in media and have injected themselves deeply in Oakland Police reformation,  they are the most notable.

 There are patterns in the cases managed by the limited number of lawyers that are undeniable and obvious to the naked examination. Maybe it is a mysterious winning case strategy or a less altruistic situation. Maybe  a structure of reform that intentionally never reforms anything or strategy of paid activists who victim select based upon who is being represented by specific lawyers is somehow beneficial to municipalities images.  Maybe the very predictable pattern of media activism and intrusion into city process and police under some claim of reformation while providing no legitimate reformation is necessary to advance society by producing failing systems, planned failure as exampled in The Oakland Community Police Review Board / CPRB MISMANAGEMENT step by step Coincidentally  !!!  Protest support is only available for cases being diverted  into purely financial seeking in civil redress settlements and represented by the trinity of lawyers listed above.

The amount Oakland has paid out in claims against police is 60 million and there are only about 3 lawyers who are collecting  all of that revenue plus add in over a decade of lawyer case management fees paid into the “Riders settlement.”

On December 12, 2012 a separate “Plaintiffs motions” was filed under the supervision of the *Riders case Judge on behalf of the survivors of police shootings which caused the shootings to be taken over by the federal judge with Riders case oversight. After that Motion 2012 the city of Oakland has only published one settled wrongful death suit for $100,000 a substantial drop in lawyer revenue from millions. This reduction in city expenditures and reduction of life lost in our city is wonderful for all residents who enjoy more general funds and fewer lives lost, but it substantially cut into the revenues for wrongful death that lawyers may have become accustom. Some of those same lawyers and partners have started seeking new clients in neighboring cities obviously using the same legal formula/ paid activist reformation strategy as was used to pull over 60 million out of Oakland Until the December 12th motion.

I support the current reduction in Oakland killing.  I am glad OPD has put down the guns and  I see the substantial reduction in the loss of human life as a huge gain in reformation and hope it continues despite the same lawyers seeking to regain control over the processes.

I wont tell you want to think about who and what could be motivating individuals in whatever directions benefit them financially but I will leave you with a quote from a famous lawyer “Follow the money.”

*see December 12th motion at bottom of wiki page

also see* “Shoshana Walter in bed with Oakland Police Riders”